West Virginia and Ohio Farm And Rural Home Specialists

You enjoy living in the country so why not properly protect your assets?  Nathan Alfred Insurance has access to companies that specialize in insuring Farms and Rural Homes.  Whether it is a hobby farm or large commercial farm we understand the risk that go with it and can properly protect it with the industry's lowest premiums. 

Rural Homeowners

Living in the country has its perks.  Most insurance companies, however, don't understand that and charge higher rates to people living out of town.  We can shop your homeowner's insurance with companies that LOVE rural homes.


Most farms that we see fall into the category of hobby farms.  Those farms still have risks that need addressed and can't be under a typically homeowner's policy.  We can cover your home, equipment, livestock and related liability all under one policy. 


We can even insure individual farm equipment.  Our farm policies can be very comprehensive and detailed while others can be simple and cover just one piece of equipment.